We’re working with Ireland’s largest supermarket to redesign their digital shopping experience.

Our brief is to help them drive revenue growth through customer acquisition and retention by bringing what’s great about their in-store experience online.


Musgrave, through its SuperValu brand, is one of the most recognised and respected companies in Ireland, and it is operating in an increasingly competitive market. Irish, UK and other international grocery chains had long since competed on quality, while value-driven European chains are aggressively capturing market share.

With this growing, and emboldened, competition SuperValu needed a partner to help it compete in the growing online grocery space. What was needed was an aggressive transformation of its digital customer engagement channels to enable SuperValu to compete and grow its online market share through customer acquisition and on-going retention.

Each&Other worked with them to launch the first phase of this digital strategy – a root and branch overhaul of the SuperValu eCommerce site.


  • 51% increase in online sales
  • 84% increase in new customer registrations
  • 620% increase in mobile shopping


Online grocery shopping really is different to in-store shopping. Online cannot compete with the powerful sensory experience of shopping in store – the beguiling aroma of freshly baked bread and the vibrant reds of the perfectly plump, ripe strawberries. So why would customers choose to shop online, rather than in-store. We began this project by asking this question to SuperValu’s customers.

We learned that online can compete on price, range and control. But most of all, people shop online for speed and convenience. This is online’s USP.

This insight gave us a focus, but was a challenge to SuperValu’s operating model,

  • Most SuperValu stores are independently owned and managed. Under the hood, their website is, in reality, over 80 separate stores.
  • All website orders are fulfilled in local stores. These stores can customise their product range and price on a weekly basis. For customers, this means that no two stores will have the same range at the same price.

Combining imagination with rigour, insight, hard work and good challenges, Each&Other has been instrumental in the success of our program to date, and we look forward to the next phase.

Caroline Walsh
Head of Omnichannel, Musgrave


During the project, we followed a number of guiding principles.

  • Get to market quickly. By focusing on top priority customer needs, we didn’t try to launch with everything, but with a minimal viable product i.e. just enough to satisfy customers’ expectations.
  • Cross-functional team. The team worked as a partnership between product, business subject matter experts, design, and development.
  • Insights before action. The project’s foundations were rooted in regular quantitative and qualitative customer research. No hunches or subjective opinion.

The Research phase uncovered some critical insights.

  • In places, the previous site was designed to reflect how products were organised internally, not around how their customers thought about grocery product categories.
  • The previous design didn’t allow for serendipity, or discovery through adjacency - it assumed shoppers knew exactly what they wanted.
Tea is not a drink until you add water, so it shouldn’t be under drinks. Quote from a card sort test when testing the information architecture.

With these key findings we produced a set of design principles that became the north star to keep the team focused during the design phase.

These design principles gave us the clarity of thinking and focus we needed to begin redesigning the service so it solved the right problems for customers, and for the business.

  • Design for the senses. Highlight the quality and freshness of by showing it in the best light.
  • Design for serendipity. The customer might not know exactly what they want so we need to improve product discovery.
  • Kill clutter. Where competitors’ sites are an assault on the senses, ours will provide a clean, uncluttered clarity; making an online shop less of a chore.


The new SuperValu site was delivered one month ahead of schedule, and offers a vastly improved experience for customers.

I like the fact that it’s clean, not busy, it’s extremely easy to navigate. It feels like it has a more relaxed approach to doing your shopping. User testing participant & customer

We removed critical pain-points for customers

  • By cutting the checkout from 5 screens to 1 and reducing the number of form fields from 25 to 10, we reduced the time and effort for customers.
  • By using a postcode-based API, we were able to design a single auto-complete field for address input. This radically reduced the amount of work required to enter a delivery address, a real win for customers on touch devices, and improved the registration conversation rate considerably.

Results: Up and to the right

  • The site is proving to be a solid platform for growth and expansion, and a critical pillar in a wider transformation program.

  • Registrations, online sales and other KPIs are all up. The number speak for themselves:

    • 51% increase in online sales

    • 84% increase in new customer registrations

    • 620% increase in mobile shopping

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