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Meeting the untapped needs of customers and distributors.


Put simply a key digital initiative for Goodyear was to convert a higher per cent of prospects doing online research into satisfied Goodyear customers.  To do so it needed a deep understanding of what different types of prospects want to know, see and feel in its online channels and what journey would make them convert fastest.

No simple task given that in Europe alone, Goodyear operates 4 brands, with 128 websites, in 35 languages across 32 territories. The challenge was to connect these with a single customer driven strategy that would increase revenue through conversions, reduce costs, and improve their customer service.


We conducted research in all major markets to understand local requirements and nuances. We also visited garages and tyre shops to gain insights from dealers.

We translated research insights into personas and customer journey maps, and used these artifacts to help the team to visualise and understand their entire sales process. The experience enabled the team to redesign their B2B and B2C sales approach: including immediate digital and physical strategies for servicing customers, and longer term organisational changes.

The project team made our vision into a reality, by focusing our strategy around the needs of the customer.

Angela Gentile
Head of Digital Marketing, B2C, Goodyear-Dunlop EMEA

Rethinking the tyre purchasing experience

Like financial products, tyres are a grudge purchase. As part of our redesign of Goodyear’s web properties, we reimagined the experience.

Translating tyre-speak into plain English

A key focus was to translate esoteric tyre terminology into plain language and practical benefits. We also wanted to highlight the most engaging content without getting in the way of visitors who just wanted product specs.

Four distinct voices

To maintain the unique personality of each brand, we worked with the brand owners to create separate style and tone-of-voice guides. Annotated exemplar pages served as additional guidance for writers before production started. We conducted in-depth SEO research for each brand, identifying target keywords for every page as part of the editorial plan.

Content production at scale

We managed the production of more than 260 pages, from first draft through to CMS migration, and final review on Goodyear’s production servers. In addition to textual content, we created brand-specific visuals, image treatments, and iconography.


This successful project is live across 128 websites in 32 countries, for desktop and mobile and it has delivered the business impact desired - an increase in ROPO from 55% to 70% delivering improvements in customer acquisition and revenue for Goodyear.

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