We helped Glanbia, a leading global Agribusiness company to define and implement a digital strategy across all stages of the value chain to improve retention and engagement.


Our brief was to enable them to use digital to engage with customers and stakeholders, and enhance internal knowledge management, collaboration and communication.


Farming is changing. Farmers are more connected, data is critical and timely and technology has transformed working practices. The role of digital in Agribusiness has enormous potential: from real time produce pricing data to farm inventory mobile tracking. We’re working with Glanbia to get them ready for the future.

Farm work is inherently mobile. That's why we used a mobile first approach to design. Understanding the context of use allowed us to prioritise our efforts and design a mobile experience to the seamless purchase of key items.


Glanbia: the co-op that could

What started as a small cooperative is now one of the largest dairy and nutritional companies in the industry, with operations on four continents, turning over more than €3 billion per year. We’ve been working with them since 2012, defining and implementing their digital strategy.

The program comprises a number of initiatives including sales optimisation, supplier data management, online purchasing of farm inputs and advisory services.

Digital customer acquisition and retention via online purchase of inputs.

Online sales are growing faster than we can measure them. Glanbia’s first move was bringing their product suite online. We designed their eCommerce solution responsively, promoting products while making sure the purchasing journey was swift and painless.

Digital customer retention and engagement via advisory content.

Farmers are hungry for information, whether that’s research before purchase (ROPO), searching for industry advice or reaching out to their peers. We developed a content strategy for Glanbia’s eCommerce solution, building a framework upon which they could expand and evolve - to new products, new content streams, or integrated content platforms - all the while making sure their content was well structured and executed.

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