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How could Ireland’s leading publisher of school educational materials set itself up for success in an increasingly digital world?

That’s the question Folens asked Each&Other. Partnering with Annertech, the "go-to" Drupal experts, and working closely with the Folens team, we are delivering the answer. Starting with a digital strategy and roadmap, in 2019 we completed the first major initiative, a redesign and rebuild of the website.


A three-pronged research approach looking at the business, the users (teachers, students, parents, booksellers) and the environment led to the following outputs:
- User personas
- Customer journeys
- Customer Experience maps

This was followed by a user centred design phase with the Folens team where the outputs from this research were used to inform the design of the new site. During this whole period, Each&Other collaborated with Annertech to ensure that what we designed could be built ... within budget and the time available.

The Folens.ie project pushed us to take a step back and really define what our digital goals and strategies are ... while relaunching the website may not be the biggest innovation or development we do, the launch does show staff and shareholders our commitment to bring these projects through to fruition.

Elizabeth Ivory
Head of Marketing & Communications

The result is a responsive website across desktop, tablet and mobile with a robust technical foundation upon which to evolve. We adopted the following three design principles to ensure success.

Understanding users

A deep understanding of users was key to the success of the project. Three primary personas, Krafty Karen – Primary teacher, Stephen the Science Guy – Post-primary teacher and Trader Jo – Book retailer, were developed to keep the team focused on users’ needs. In addition, a Customer Journey and Experience Maps highlighted the areas to invest in for design.

Good copy

Good copy is essential for good design, it’s part of that three-legged stool also comprising UX design and UI design. The Folens team were best placed to write the material for the website but needed help on how to write for the web. Therefore, we trained them so that they could write the content not only for launch, but also in order to maintain the website in the future and be self-sufficient in this regard.

Simple and intuitive

The question we kept asking through the project was – are we being faithful to the needs of the personas? This focus led to a design that showcases what Folens excel at producing: award winning educational books and programmes. And so, these books and programmes are the whole focus of this marketing and sales site, from the homepage through to the Books & Programmes section where the filtering is simple and intuitive.

Working through the early workshops with Each&Other and Annertech was great fun and really helped us to re-evaluate our perceptions about our customers. It was a really useful process and helped achieve alignment across departments

Elizabeth Ivory
Head of Marketing & Communications

The impact

One of the most important times of the year for Folens is late August and September – back to school season… Folens were really happy with the increase in visitors to the site and just as important, the uplift in conversions.

Stats July 2019 to November 2019
- 389k unique users +150% on previous period
- 9.9% Goal conversions (pdf downloads, file views, video views)
- 44k goal completions +57% on previous period

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