18th September 2019 1 minute read

Each&Other and The UX Studio joins forces

Peter Keane

Project Manager

At Each&Other, we're delighted to be associated with The UX Studio in our recently agreed strategic arrangement to address our respective customer bases and the wider market.

Each&Other has, for some time, admired The UX Studio’s business, its reputation and deep skills. More importantly, we have seen our respective company cultures as being very similar and our loyal, customer bases testament to this. Under the arrangement, Each&Other will bring additional UX expertise to the solutions already successfully delivered to The UX Studio’s customers, prospects and networks - delivering future solutions based on the industry best practices adopted by both companies.

Each&Other will also bring its extensive Associate and Academic networks to the table. We don’t take partnering lightly. The UX Studio is implicitly trusted by all associated with Rachel and the team - we are excited at the prospect of successfully building on this trust.