15th April 2015

Driving change - How do you feel about self-driving cars?

Paul Donnan

Senior UX Designer

When we ere kids science fiction promised us one thing, one simple thing - flying cars. So here we are, living in the future; with our Star Trek communicators in our pocket, instant access to the world’s information, and more flavours coffee than is, perhaps, reasonable.

But still no flying cars.

Instead, actual science is working to deliver us something more exotic - smart, self-driving cars. Within the next 10 years automated car technology will have matured so that us humans will never have to touch the wheel.

That is, if we allow it to. The evolution of self-driving cars (and other vehicles) will be guided as much by what people want as by the abilities of the technology.

And that’s what we want to know. We want to know how you feel about self-driving cars, what level of agency do you want to retain, and what level of control would you be happy to hand over to your car’s computer.

P.S. We still want a flying car. And a jetpack, we also want a jetpack.