06th June 2014

Bank robbery, margarine, and bitcoin - June 6 Weekly Roundup

This week at Each & Other we've been paying close attention to Apple's WWDC, pondering the connection between margarine and divorce rates (of course there's a connection), and arguing over the value of Bitcoin (who doesn't love a good Bitcoin argument?).

  • #Mobile
  • Better late than never, right?
  • Apple keeps the design promises it made last year with iOS7, and finally delivers the “stunning new user interface” we wanted.
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  • #eCommerce
  • Poor user experience is holding back mobile payments
  • According to research from the US Federal Reserve, 76% of Americans don’t use mobile payment because, “It's easier to pay with cash or a credit/debit card.”
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  • #Data
  • Is Margarine linked to divorce?
  • Well, it depends on how you (mis)read the data.
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  • #User Journeys
  • How to rob a bank
  • 99% invisible explores how you plan a bank robbery - it’s all about the user journey.
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  • #Experience Design
  • Outdated laws could slow the development of driverless cars
  • The EU needs to act fast before it puts the brakes on Google’s driverless car experience
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  • #Beautiful Web
  • Loading…
  • Here’s a gorgeous collection of loading animations.
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  • #Internet of Things
  • How Apple could bring the IoT to life
  • “Ever since Apple secured a smart home patent in November 2013, it’s been expected that the company would eventually announce a smart home platform.”
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  • #Digital Transformation
  • 2 cents on bitcoin
  • Freakonomics Radio examines Bitcoin’s potential to transform e-commerce (how long before we just drop the e?) and banking.
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Editing: Brian Herron | Illustration: Patrick Cusack